Birding at our Nova Scotia beach cottage on the Bay of Fundy

Many thanks to Bill Petersen, active bird watcher for the following information.

The Beach House offers enjoyable birding. During migration in the summer and fall, songbirds rest and feed in the trees on or near the property; shorebirds gather in the tidal marsh, just next to the house; and a walk up the beach often reveals rafts of ducks in the Bay of Fundy.

The Amherst Point Migratory Bird Sanctuary, an internationally important stopover for migratory ducks and shorebirds, is just a short drive from the Beach House. The woods at the Sanctuary also offer a variety of summer breeders, including numerous warblers.

The Sanctuary has "Ramsar" designation, as part of the Chignecto area. "Ramsar" refers to the Ramsar Convention on migratory birds. For more information about the Ramsar Convention and about the Chignecto area, go to

If you want more details, I would refer you to Birding in Atlantic Canada: Nova Scotia, by Roger Burrows (St. John's, Newfoundland; Jespersen Press, 1988).

Note from Liz:

The Sackville Waterfowl Park in Sackville, New Brunswick is only about an hour's drive from our Nova Scotia beach cottage on the Bay of Fundy. The Waterfowl Park is famous for enormous flocks of waterfowl and shorebirds. The park covers 55 acres, right in the town of Sackville, and has over two kilometres of trails, boardwalks, and viewing platforms, so that you can walk right across broad expanses of open water and see the private lives of dozens of wetland wildlife species.

Every year in mid-August, the Sackville Waterfowl Park becomes a focal point for the Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration.- a 3 day festival of outdoor recreation, arts, crafts, and fun dedicated to the appreciation of the region's wetland and wildlife natural heritage. For more information, contact the Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration at 506-364-8080.

I love going to the Waterfowl Park when I'm at my Nova Scotia beach cottage on the Bay of Fundy, partly because my good friend Al Smith, who lives in Sackville, was one of the leaders in its creation.

The John Lusby Salt Marsh, part of the Chignecto Wildlife area is just a half hour drive down the shore from the Beach House. All sorts of birds and other wildlife are protected in this area.

Some other key birding references are:

For information about the Nova Scotia Bird Society, e-mail to For information about upcoming field trips, visit To report sighting and for general information, call (902) 852-2428.

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