Participate in Community Activities near our Bay of Fundy beach cottage

For visitors who want to participate in community activities, there is always a lot happening near our Bay of Fundy beach cottage in Fox River, Port Greville and Parrsboro, and you'll always be welcome.

Some of the community activities Liz and her friends like to participate in include yard sales, church and community suppers and sales, and take-out suppers. The Chowder Lunch held at the United Church in Parrsboro on the first Thursday of every month is worth the trip to town.

Other interesting activities in the summer include lectures and the Teddy Bear Picnic at Ottawa House By-The-Sea Museum and Historic Site. Ottawa House was built in 1775 and was purchased by Sir Charles Tupper (Prime Minister and Father of Confederation) in 1881 as his summer house.

To find out what is going on in the community near our Bay of Fundy beach cottage, look at the flyers posted in the grocery stores, in Port Greville Country Market or in the Tourist Bureau in Parrsboro or call 1-800-565-0000 and ask about festivals and events in the Glooscap Trail area.

Grace United Church

Grace United Church in Port Greville is the site of many community activities such as concerts, suppers, sales, and church services every Sunday.

When you're at the Beach House, be sure to go into the church and see its beautiful stained glass windows - take out . The community also has a Baptist and an Anglican church, and there is a Roman Catholic church in Parrsboro.


The United church has a wonderful Living Christmas Tree Concert every December.


Remembrance Day, November 11, is a significant day throughout all of Nova Scotia. Grace United Church has a Remembrance Day service, and anyone who wants to is invited to come to remember a friend or relative who served Canada. The wreaths were laid to remember individuals from the area who served.

The stained glass windows are extraordinary, and you are certainly invited to go into the church to see them.


End of July Parade and Field Day organized by the Fox River / Port Greville / Ward's Brook Volunteer Fire Department You'll see lots of antique cars in Nova Scotia.

The communities of Fox River, Port Greville and Ward's Brook held a solemn ceremony on July 22, 2001 to dedicate a War Memorial to remember Chipman Kerr, who received the Victoria Cross in the First World War, and all the other veterans from the three communities who served in the two world wars and in the Korean conflict.

It was day to remember - people came from across Canada and the US to remember their friends and relatives, and to bring elderly parents to the event. Her Honour, Myra Friedman, Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia, unveiled the monument, and Loring Kerr, nephew of Chipman Kerr laid a wreath in his memory. Other wreaths were laid by representatives from the Canadian Legion and the three levels of government.

Liz visits with the Mounties before the event - American visitors - do you see your flag?


Her Honour, Myra A. Freeman, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (wearing a hat) enters the grounds, ready to inspect representatives from the Legion and the military.


Loring Kerr (to the Mountie's right) ready to lay his wreath One of the highlights when the Beach House was being built was the day Loring Kerr turned up for a visit and brought Liz a bouquet of Mayflowers he has picked for her.

You will always be welcome at community events, such as this Casserole Supper held in support of the Age of Sail Museum.
Clockwise from bottom left) Paul Hill (former chief - First Responder organization - which deals with medical and fire emergencies), Liz, Madge Yorke (Liz's mother, who grew up in Fox River), Dana McCully (snow plough operator extraordinaire), Dorothy Hill