Exterior / Grounds

At low tide like this, you can pick dulse
from the rocks at the left of the picture.

A winter day - remote, romantic, secluded and
perfect for family vacations with children, reunions
of families and friends, and individual and couple retreats.

The Beach House is on the point of a small peninsula. It is on two beaches which are both reached by going down a very short path on the property. At the bottom of the path, on your right is the Bay of Fundy and on your left is a salt water marsh which fills and empties as the tide comes in and goes out. The earth around the Beach House is reddish, which seems to make the surroundings even more refreshing.

The salt marsh is really a work of nature. At high tide, it will be covered with water. When the tide is out, as in this picture, you can walk across the sand bar to the other side or dig for clams. When the tide comes in, you can swim in a mixture of salt and fresh water. If you look carefully, you can see the dike, probably built by the Acadians.