Liz Yorke

Liz Yorke was born and brought up in Halifax. Her parents both came from the Parrsboro Shore, and she has always found it energizing to be there. In 1997, she was fortunate to be able to buy the piece of land the Beach House is built on. Liz always liked this particular piece of land, because of its location on two beaches.

Liz has lived in Toronto, Ontario since 1971. She is the sole proprietor of Liz Yorke and Associates, a management consulting and organization development firm.

The Yorke Family

The Yorke family around Parrsboro is descended from Captain Edward Yorke, a New England Planter. The Yorke/York family were descended from Anglo/Saxon stock, and became part of the very early settlement in both the United States and in Canada.

James York left England for Virginia in 1635, and the family became well established in the United States prior to Captain Edward Yorke leaving for Nova Scotia in 1760. Captain Edward was the fifth generation of the Yorke family to live in what is now the States.

Captain Edward Yorke left Rhode Island, before the existence of either the United States or Canada, to move to Falmouth Township, Nova Scotia. He was part of a group of people who came to farm land left vacant by the French, whom the British had expelled five years earlier, and the group came to be known as the Planters.

Captain Edward had nine children with his second wife, Mary Fones, and their descendants are to be found not only in Cumberland County, but also throughout North America. Early members of the family lived in Yorke Settlement, which can be reached by taking a road near the Baptist Church in Diligent River. Although much of this property is now used for commercial blueberry crops, the foundations of these early homes can still be found in the fields. The view from this area is exquisite, you can see all over the Minas Basin on a clear day. Liz has some of the original property which belonged to the family - hers is about three miles from the paved road. Her property is now used to grow blueberries.