Master Bedroom


The master bedroom is a wonderful place for a peaceful sleep. The queen size bed is covered by a quilt made by Madge Yorke, Liz's Mum. There are lots of queen size pillows to make reading in bed comfortable.

The north, east and south panoramic Bay of Fundy views from the master bedroom are superb. You can even lie flat in bed and see the ocean out the south window, and from the north window see the marsh filling and emptying as the tide comes in and goes out. You can also lie in bed and watch the sun rise.

The chest of drawers and the armoire in this room were custom-made locally.

The balcony from the sun room provides a private place to relax. An outdoor light means that you can sit out there and read any time you want.

This is the view of the Bay of Fundy from the south facing window.

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