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Age of Sail Heritage Centre

The Age of Sail Heritage Centre in Port Greville, operated by The Greville Bay Shipbuilding Museum Society, is the pride of the Fox River/Port Greville community. The museum is an easy bike ride from the Beach House, or a few minutes by car.

A visit to the Age of Sail is an absolute must for your visit. The history of lumbering and shipbuilding are brought to life through pictures, videos, story telling, models and hands-on exhibits, along with activities for children.

The Age of Sail Heritage Centre

The Centre has a genealogy data base so if you happen to have ancestors in the area, be sure to tell the museum staff so that you can look up some of your own history. The first time Liz visited the museum, she was thrilled to find old records, including pay records of John Winter, her grandfather, her great uncles and her uncles.

The grounds also house a lighthouse which has an interesting history. This lighthouse was originally in Port Greville, but many years ago it was unexpectedly moved to Cape Breton by the federal government. Under the leadership of Donna Merriam, it was returned to Port Greville a couple of years ago and now sits on the Age of Sail grounds for everyone to enjoy.

While you're at the Age of Sail, be sure to visit the Port Hole Tea Room for lunch or afternoon tea and to look at the local crafts on display.

For information about the Age of Sail, call (902) 348-2030. The museum is open June through September, and it may be visited by appointment during off-season.

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