Local Museums - Part Two

Fundy Geological Museum

The Fundy Geological Museum on Two Islands Road, just outside Parrsboro, is part of the Nova Scotia Museum. This museum is an absolute must if you have children and is an easy drive from our Nova Scotia cottage on the beach.

At the Fundy Geological Museum you'll be able to discover Nova Scotia's ancient world and see some of the oldest dinosaur bones on earth. You'll also be able to see mineral treasures exposed when the tides wash away the sea cliffs. The museum has a collection of amethyst and agate gem stones.

The Museum will give you a chance to discover the beauty of the Bay of Fundy and its beaches and sea cliffs with their Jurassic and Triassic landscapes of 200 million years ago.

For more information about the Fundy Geological Museum, call (902) 254-3814, fax (902) 254-3666 or visit fundygeological.novascotia.ca.

Anne Murray Centre

Anne Murray grew up in Springhill, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia The Anne Murray Centre has a mix of awards, photographs, memorabilia and audiovisual highlights of Anne Murray's life and career in a series of award-winning, three dimensional displays.

To find out more about the Anne Murray Centre, visit their web site www.annemurraycentre.com

Springhill Miners Museum

The Springhill Miners Museum just a short trip to Springhill from our Nova Scotia cottage on the beach. One of the highlights of the museum is touring a mine. For more information, call (902) 597-3449 or fax (902) 597-3637.