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Trapped in Advocate Harbour ... and Loving it! Isn't this lobster trap a riot? This lobster trap, on display in Advocate Harbour just down the shore from the Beach House, is big enough to walk in.

Merry Christmas & the best of all good wishes for you in 2016!

Dear Friends & Colleagues – warmest wishes for 2016 and I hope it is an interesting and rewarding year you.

Looking for New Opportunities for Consulting Work -

I'm still enjoying my consulting work and plan to continue for a few more years, so am open to considering new opportunities as they come along. Have a look at to see what the firm has been up to.

Christmas This Year

I am staying in Ontario for Christmas Day this year and am really looking forward to it - celebrating the day with good friends. My plan is to make 2 delicious apple-cranberry pies for Christmas dessert - you can see my pastry recipe on the Beach House web site. All going well with the weather, I'll go to Nova Scotia right after Christmas Day and return to Toronto in January.

The Beach House

The Beach House is still gorgeous. Next summer, everyone who visits will be able to relax on the new balcony off the main bedroom:

Bay of Fundy is in the background

Friends who visit over the holidays will sleep with vintage yoyo quilts - my Mother made the one on the left and my Grandmother made the one on the right - both are vey cozy!

December 2015