The Coast News
December 2008

Happy holidays and all good wishes for 2009

Dear Friends - I hope that you have very happy holidays and all my good wishes for 2009 for you.

I am planning to spend Christmas at home in Toronto and then go to The Beach House on Hatfield Road , in Nova Scotia for the rest of the holidays. As you know, I live in downtown Toronto and, on a day-to-day basis, work with my health and human services management consulting firm – Liz Yorke and Associates. At the same time, I own and manage the Beach House, which is, without doubt, the most beautiful vacation rental beach property in the province. I love its complete privacy and its spectacular panoramic ocean views, all day long, every day of the year – even in winter.

Right now, I am crossing all my fingers and toes in the hopes that there will be enough snow when I’m in Nova Scotia to cross-country ski every single day. I am also looking forward to catching up with friends and relatives, taking winter beach walks, looking for treasures the tides will bring in, working on my many hobbies, and relaxing and going out both in Fox River and in Halifax.

This picture was taken right in front of the Beach House - I just love the pinks & yellows and hope I can see them again this year! If I do – I’ll send you pictures in the Coast News!

Best wishes for a wonderful, prosperous and satisfying 2009!

December 2008

P.S. - If you are thinking about traveling to Atlantic Canada in 2009 – by car, air or ship - please get in touch with me at or at 416-481-4096 to discuss your customized visit to the Beach House. A reminder… the Beach House is an easy travel trip – it is just over the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick border, which decreases driving time for visitors from Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada and the US. The Beach House is also a very easy drive from Halifax and Moncton International Airports and to Charlottetown, Halifax, and Moncton for day trips.