The Coast News
December 2010
Liz Yorke and Associates

Happy holidays and all good wishes for you for 2011!

Dear Friends & Colleagues - all good wishes for a satisfying and prosperous 2011.

I am spending Christmas at home in Toronto and then going to The Beach House on Hatfield Road, in Nova Scotia, for a couple of weeks. As you know, I live in downtown Toronto and, on a day-to-day basis, work with my health and human services management consulting firm - Liz Yorke and Associates. At the same time, I own and manage the Beach House, which is, without doubt, the most beautiful vacation rental beach property in the province. I love its complete privacy and those spectacular panoramic ocean views, all day long, every day of the year - even in winter and, I must say, that winter visits there are just great.

This picture was taken at the top of Highway 209, towards the end of a winter day. You can see Blomidon and Cape Split (top left & across the Bay of Fundy) and the Beach House is just behind where the road appears to end. I'll see this view every day that I'm there when I walk up to the end of Hatfield Road & along the highway. As those of you who've visited the Beach House know, the air is very clear there - and, sometimes on a winter's day, you can actually see snow falling on Blomidon - it really is amazing!

My Christmas Day in Toronto will start with meeting a good friend for brunch and to exchange gifts - we've done this for many years and really do enjoy it; later in the day, I'll be off to another friend's for a wonderful Christmas dinner & Boxing Day will be with family in Halifax. I'm also really looking forward to pre-Christmas festivities in Toronto.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2011 and I hope that some of your dreams come true during the year!

December 2010