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Happy holidays & warmest good wishes for you in 2013!

Dear Friends & Colleagues – warmest wishes for 2013 and I hope it is a wonderful and satisfying year for you.

I am splitting my holiday time between my home in Toronto and Nova Scotia. I’ll be at the Beach House for a couple of weeks and in Halifax with old friends for Christmas Day - which surely promises to be lots of fun. I plan to accomplish many things while at the Beach House – refinishing furniture, reupholstering a settee, putting up pictures for my collection of sailing ships and wooden hull boats and loads of other things to make it comfortable and enticing. Keep a watch for the next issue of The Coast News and you’ll see the results of all these projects in new pictures – I can hardly wait to get them done!

I’ll be having guests for New Year’s and plan to make cheese fondue for New Year’s Eve.

For Liz Yorke and Associates and Hatfield Management Consulting colleagues, keep up the good work and I hope you have a break from work over the holidays.

All good things for 2013 and let me know your news and your holiday plans.

December 2012

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Hatfield Management Consulting
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