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Happy holidays & the best of all good wishes for you in 2015!

Dear Friends & Colleagues – warmest wishes for 2015 and I hope it is an interesting and rewarding year you.

Update re Consulting Work -

My consulting work has been very interesting this year. I travelled to Iqaluit to work with a great group of people on a project with the Nunavut Department of Health. I had been to Baffin Island in summer 1976, but had not been back since, and it has changed so much that I didn't recognize a thing.

I'm open to new consulting and business opportunities, so if you are working or thinking about something and need in-put or assistance or a new perspective and some dedicated hard work - let me know. Have a look at to see what the firm has been up to.

Christmas This Year

I am staying in Toronto for Christmas Day this year and am really looking forward to it - celebrating the day with good friends. All going well with the weather, I'll go to Nova Scotia sometime after Christmas Day and return in January. We here in Toronto all have vivid memories of the ice storm last year and are hoping for an easier winter this time around. Last year, our street was out of power for 2 days and three nights and, although it wasn't as bad as it sounds, the last night was pretty cold. I minded 5 houses for my neighbours and was glad to help out.

A significant part of my plan in Nova Scotia is to go to the library in Parrsboro, close the front door of the Beach House, make fires in the fireplace and airtight stove, and lie on my bed to read junky books and magazines. This is the view I'll see from one of the bedroom windows but, with snow, I hope.

If I can mobilize myself, these are the views I'll see from the second floor sunroom, with a fire in the airtight stove.

I thought it would be fun to share some other pictures of the Beach House with you - here they are!

Mariner Black, who has been my friend for almost 50 years, took this picture of the Beach House from Fox Point. At high tide, the sand bar will be completely full of water - I never, ever am anything but mesmerized when watching the tide come in and go out.

My only regret will be that Wild Caraway won't be open when I'm there. I was lucky to be at the Beach House in early October and able to participate in the Ship's Company Theatre's Annual Fall Dinner - this dinner was loads of fun and I really enjoyed the table I was with. Sarah Griebel & Andrew Aitken prepared the most fabulous meal and I took a couple of pictures to show you. Sarah explained each course before it was served.

Tidal Power

The Bay of Fundy tides are currently being explored as a source of electric power by FORCE, a leading research centre for in-stream tidal energy. The test site is about a 20 minute drive from the Beach House - have a look at the FORCE web site to learn about this fascinating initiative.

All good things for 2015 and let me know your news and your holiday plans.

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