2016 Rental Prices

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Jan. 7 to April 29 $800 per week for up to 4 guests
April 30 to May 27 $1125 per week for up to 4 guests
May 28 to June 24 $1500 per week for up to 4 guests
June 25 to Sept. 30 $2000 to $3000 per week for up to 4 guests
Oct. 1 to Dec. 16 $1000 per week for up to 4 guests
Dec. 17 to Jan. 6 $3000 per week for up to 4 guests
  • HST of 15% is added to the full rental cost.
  • For larger groups there is an additional charge of $150 per week, times the number of additional guests.
  • Charges for groups of 10 or more visitors: weekly charge of $4,000 plus an additional charge of $150 per week for each additional visitor
  • For large meetings and working sessions, additional requirements and costs need to be discussed with Liz Yorke, owner.
  • Weeks run from
    Saturday to Saturday from May to October
For reservations, contact liz@novascotiabeachhouse.com

Seasonal Weekend & Mid-week rates
Jan. to April $550 per 3-day weekend or mid-week break, for up to 4 guests, with an additional charge of $150 for each additional guest
Nov. to Dec.

Bake a pie during your weekend visit!        Enjoy a leisurely breakfast on your special weekend!
  • Available as vacancies permit
  • These prices are for up to 4 people.
    The extra charge of $150 per weekend applies for each additional person
  • The charge for each additional night is $100.
For reservations, contact liz@novascotiabeachhouse.com

Special Packages

Romance Packages can easily be customized for a weekend, mid-week or a week’s visit — you only need to discuss your wishes with us when you register, and we will do our best to make your dreams come true.

Romance Packages are designed for any couple, of any age, and at any stage of your relationship.

Romance Packages can easily be customized for a week, mid-week break or for a weekend visit. You need only to discuss your wishes with us when you reserve your visit, and we will do our best to make your wishes come true.

We suggest this Romance Package at $150

(In addition to your rental fees)

  • rose petals scattered on the pillows of your queen size bed
  • fresh flowers of your choice, as available, in your bedroom and by the fireplace
  • a gift bottle of wine
  • a basket barbeque dinner for your first night at the Beach House
  • a basket breakfast
  • a selection of romantic snacks, such as homemade fudge, heart shaped cookies, a homemade pie

The Hatfield Centre is a virtual conference Centre and retreat for the corporate, not-for-profit and broader public sectors. The Hatfield Centre integrates the Beach House, community resources and other local accommodations to provide a unique setting for a variety of activities for large and small groups. For additional information, visit The Hatfield Centre or contact Liz Yorke at liz@novascotiabeachhouse.com or 416-481-4096.

  • Corporate visitors
  • Retreats and working sessions
  • Annual General and similar meetings
  • Celebrations
  • Workshops & seminars

Golf Packages are available for couples, friends, and families. The Parrsboro Golf Club is open from 8 am until dark. The golf course has nine holes, and fees let you do 18 holes per day on the weekends, and as many as you want on week days.

Available until the end of May and after Oct 1, whenever the Parrsboro Golf Club is open.

Contact Liz Yorke at liz@novascotiabeachhouse.com to customize your golf package.

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