Swim and Beach Activities on the Bay of Fundy

To get to the ocean beach from our vacation rental property, all you do is walk down a little path on the property to arrive at two beaches which are separated by a long bar of rocks. On your right is the ocean beach. Although the Bay of Fundy is chilly, it is very clean for swimming. Liz and her friends find that they get used to the water's temperature as vacation days go by. On your left is the beach for the salt water marsh. You can swim here at high tide, and the water, a mixture of salt and fresh water, is quite a bit warmer than is the ocean.

Everyone who comes to our beachside cottage in Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy walks for hours on the beach. You can find lots of treasures - driftwood, shells, pretty rocks, pieces of glass made smooth by the waves, and lots of odds and ends brought in by the tide.

Other favourite beachside activities are having bonfires, roasting marshmallows or corn over the fire, and cooking lobsters. Be sure to check the fire conditions before you start your fire on the beach.

The beach is wonderful - all four seasons of the year.




Betty-Ann Dewitt, real estate agent extraordinaire, took this picture of the beach in January 2003. Betty-Ann told Liz that it was absolutely amazing to see the ice on the salt water & was a huge temptation to walk on it!